Preaching & Teaching Audio

Eventually, recordings from the pulpit ministry of First Baptist Church will be available here.

Audio Files

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Date Title
Sun, Jan 22 '17 11 AM Mark 4:1ff - The Condition of Hearts & Sowing of God's Word
Pastor Dennis Tapp
Series: Gospel of Mark

Sun, Aug 9 '15 11 AM Hold Fast the Confidence
Dennis Tapp
Series: Heb 3:1

Sun, Jul 26 '15 11 PM He Had to Be Made Like His Brethern
Dennis Tapp
Series: Heb 2:14

Sun, Jul 19 '15 11 AM He Was Crowned for Death
Dennis Tapp
Series: Heb 2:5

Sun, Jun 21 '15 11 AM The Blessing of God on Our Homes
Dennis Tapp
Series: Ps 127