April, 2018 Update

Greetings Once Again,

Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”.

We know that this is not a verse that you would start out a update letter but to us it is a reminder of why God has put us here to let folks know that one day we will all stand before Him.

We have had three tragic deaths this last week in our area. A 51-year-old father and his 14-year-old son were killed in a farming accident and a 5 year old boy with a medical problem. This is a constant reminder that we need to be sharing the gospel with everyone the Lord brings into our lives.

We have been on the road updating some of our supporting churches and visiting some of the ones that we helped to build their building.

We went to First Baptist Church of Woodville where we were able to help them a few years ago finish their new building. They are now in the process of finishing their education wing. It is a blessing to see new folks in the church family.

The next Sunday we started an almost three week trip in Kiel, WI with the folks of First Baptist Church. We hadn’t seen them in many years and it was good to get connected again. Please pray for our friends Bob, Kim and their family as well as. Kim has cancer and the doctors are saying it will take a miracle for her to make it.

From there we headed up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to spend some time with friends and give an update at Curtis Baptist Church, another one of our supporters. While there we learned that they have started an addition on their building. We were asked if it would be possible for the builders to come and help finish it since our next project had been put on hold.

When we headed out from Curtis we stopped in at our home office in Rockford, MI and showed them what had been done and what they would like to have done. Dallas and Mike have since gone up and looked at it and are drawing up some plans for there.

Our next stop was in Pennsylvania to have lunch with dear friends, Billy and Ester Ou. We have been able to work with them on a couple of projects and now they are part of our supporting team.

The next stop for us was at Berea Independent Church of Fort Ashby, WV. This is where our team just finished working. The main reason for the trip there was to pick up the equipment and take it back with us. It truly was a blessing for us to fellowship with the folks and see how God has blessed the work there. Please continue to pray for Pastor Riley and his family as he deals with the cancer he has.

We thank the Lord for his protective hand on us as we traveled home with the trailer and only had one minor problem that we were able to take care of. Again, we know it is because of the prayers that you folks surround us with.

We were home for a couple of days and then we headed to Fort Scott, Kansas. Bethel Community Baptist Church is another one of our supporters. Our visit there was two fold. First was to give an update, but also we are looking to doing an addition to their parsonage.

We wanted to time this with Dallas and Mike going there as well so we could see the process of drawing out the preliminary plans. We had no idea the work that went into getting things started. It was fun to see all the drawings come together and the church has voted to proceed with the project. Pray for our office as they work on the final prints and for the church, as they trust God for the funding.

As we wait for our next project to start we continue to serve in our home church and help out those that God has brought into our lives.

Dennis had a chance to go to the Men for Christ conference in Clear Lake, Iowa the 22nd thru the 24th of March. What an awesome time it was. We had some fantastic preaching, great food and fellowship and it is heavenly to hear a building full of men singing praise to our God.

We want to ask you to pray for some of our family and others God has laid on our heart.  There are many that we know that are battling cancer. Mike, Peggy’s brother-in-law, Angie, Sharon, Kim, Pastor Riley, Crystal (our youth pastor’s mother-in-law), Mike, Peggy’s uncle and many many more.

Dad Robinson had surgery recently and then mom’s heart went back into a-fib so she was admitted to the hospital. We thank God that they were able to get it back into rhythm with meds and not have to shock it.

Peggy’s mom will be having eye surgery the first of May. Pray for her as she has to go three weeks between surgeries and that can really mess you up.

Our daughter-in-law, Lisa is looking for work and we would appreciate your prayers for her.

We will be speaking at a conference put on by God’s Great Outdoors on April 7th.

Again we would ask you to pray for the many, not just here, but everywhere who have lost loved ones and friends.

May we always be mindful of what Christ did for us on the cross and that we will continue to share the good news with everyone God leads us to.

Once again we want to thank all of you for your being a part of our team as we serve in the work God as called us to do.

Your Missionary Buildings

Dennis and Peggy Robinson

447 12 ¼ St.

Prairie Farm, WI 54762