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Donations Needed!

Donations are needed to finish the education wing. We are so close. Doors and trim need funding. Only $10,000 will do. God has blessed us, provided the funds for what we have done so far, and we know that He will continue. It is great joy to watch the funds come in.

Tim Smith to speak Mar 5

Tim and Luda Smith, our missionarys to the the Muslims, working in Asia, will be with us all day, Mar 5. They will speak and update us on their minnisstry.


What About the Sparrows?

The Sonshine


Walter Olsen


March 1, 2016


What About The Sparrows?




There are so many sparrows!! Recently, sitting in my office at home, I noticed a rather large flock of sparrows descend upon our bird feeders. Their presence and habits captivated my interest for awhile. I got to thinking; what can we learn from them?  After all, they are God=s creation and they are here for a purpose. A few months ago, we talked about the blackbirds, but sparrows are different.



Please sign up for your week of camp ASAP.  July 6 for junior campers and  July 27 for Teens.