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Events for Week of Sunday January 17.

Sunday School & Morning Worship

Sunday Evening

7 PM at the building.


7 PM at the building.

Knowing the Times

The Sonshine
by Walter Olsen
January 2021

Knowing the Times


For this edition of The Sonshine, I would like to review some things I have spoken of earlier. They are things that are coming more and more into focus as the days pass. They are things Christians need to give attention to in order to properly represent the truth of the Bible and to find security for their own souls.They are things that, if we are wise, we will be aware of and do our best, when and where possible,  to make some preparation for.  These things are alarming, especially if one does not know the Lord as Savior. If one has studied the Bible, however, these things coming to pass today are not really a surprise. We know that eventually these things would come to fruition.

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