Church Gatherings This Week

Events for the Week of Sunday April 11, 2021

Sunday School & Morning Worship

  • Sunday School is at the building at 9:30 AM.
    • Zoom—Sunday School only (meeting for 4/11 has ended)
  • Morning Worship is at the building at 11 AM.

Sunday Evening

7 PM at the building.


7 PM at the building.

Finding Our Way

The Sonshine
April 2021
by  Walter Olsen


Most of us would agree that we are living in very confusing times. Many don’t know where to turn for direction and comfort. As a result, many struggle along in confusion not knowing where they are going or what will happen to them. Of course, this is true for everyone in a general way. We don’t know what a day will bring forth for any of us. Still, there are things we can know that will give us Godly direction and comfort. The things I am referring to are the various truths that are revealed to us in God’s Word, the Bible.

The following are some things that will help us find our way in the difficult times we live in. Actually, they are essential if we would know God’s peace and provision in any time. So, what are some of the things we need to know for ourselves?

The way of salvation. Of course, the truth of the Bible must be acknowledged here. So many have imagined their own way of salvation but, if persisted in, will lead to their spiritual ruin. The salvation the Bible teaches includes  the following:

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How Do We know If We Are Growing in the Lord?

The Sonshine
Walter Olsen
October 2020


We have the truth of the Bible, but we sometimes wonder about our own walk with God. As believers, we often have many questions about Is it what it should be, is our life really pleasing to Him? How do we really know if we are growing in the Lord? Maybe we have all had the experience of traveling on the wrong road, a road that takes us to a place we don’t want to go to. Sadly, many believers have not yet found the right spiritual road to travel on. They are saved, but are still in the dark as to the true way of light.

Such a life is really not a life of satisfaction, of true blessing, or of ministry to the needs of others. We may know what the Bible says about our walk with God, but as we look at our lives, see so many inconsistencies. We can identify with Paul who said, “For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I” (Rom. 7:15). The result is, we often feel defeated and discouraged. We may become indifferent to the Lord and His Word and even going to church.