Pastor Dennis Tapp

Pastor Walter Olsen

A word from our senior pastor, Dennis Tapp

Dear Friend,

We are so glad to introduce ourselves to you through this web site. We hope it will give you a starting place as to who we are and where we are going. Thank you for taking the time to know us in this way.

Our desire at First Baptist is to help people find the answers to lifes’ questions. Not only can you live skillfully in this world but you can know why you are here, and what God desires for you. Our church family is a warm and loving people that are ready to share their lives with you.

If you are new in the area may I extend a helping hand & some friendship to encourage you along the way. Most of all may you experience the free gift of salvation that God has provided for all mankind. If you haven’t yet received this free gift, click here and then contact us today!

We want to say that you are very welcome here! Our Church family is striving to provide a ministry characterized by the following four statements:

1. A Place of Worship. The primary reason we meet together is to focus our attention on God, giving Him our worship and receiving His blessing. Each of these times is a special time of spiritual refreshment.

2. A Place of Sharing. Jesus Christ said that the clearest demonstration of our faith is genuine love. This means that we are committed, as a body of believers, to meeting the needs of one another. We are also discovering the joy of sharing this message with ones who do not yet know Jesus Christ as Savior.

3. A Place for Learning. To us, studying the Bible is vital because it instructs us theologically (i.e. who God is & what does He think!) and also it guides us daily ( how should we then live!). We believe it and accept it as God’s Word to us, a Book that is akive and relevant for life today. Kearning its truths is a thrilling adventure.

4. A Place of Service. Just as Jesus Christ came to “not to be ministered unto , but to minister…” we accept our responsibilityto reach out in service to others… At First Baptist, every member is a minister.