Regarding On-site Church Gatherings

Events for Week of Sunday November 29

Sunday School & Morning Worship

  • Sunday School is at the building at 9:30 AM.
  • Morning Worship is at the building at 11 AM.
  • The plan is provide Facebook Live and Zoom also. Zoom link:

Sunday Evening

  • See the church Facebook page: 7 PM live stream


  • Prayer meeting is on site at 7 PM. Check Facebook for live streaming.

Still Thankful?

The Sonshine
November 2020

by Walter Olsen


As the world moves on to ever increasing ungodliness and Christians face the real prospect of persecution and suffering, can we still be thankful? Of course, we don’t know what a month or day will hold for us, but we see the obvious direction the world is going. Believers in many parts of the world are being tortured and put to death. In our country, the Christian message is being sidelined and ridiculed. Believers are being marginalized because they believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the One who lived a sinless life, was crucified for our sins, and was raised again from the dead. The world despises this message because it does not fit their scheme for the world.

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What Are We To Do?

The Sonshine
May 2020
Walter Olsen


We can all see what is going on in our country and all about us, but how do we respond to it? Can we do anything at all!? Certainly we and our families are all individually affected. Maybe we just find it a chore to stay inside all the time, or maybe we are fearful that we or somebody in our family  will get the virus. Maybe we are concerned about being able to provide for our families.

 Beyond that, many are fearful for our country. Will we ever get back to where we were before the virus appeared? Will we enjoy the same freedoms we have been accustomed to? What about our financial situation?

The current environment certainly arouses a plethora of questions, many of which we do not know the answer to. And yet, we do have a source of knowledge, a knowledge that is sure and comforting. It is the knowledge we can learn from the Word of God, the Bible. This time that we are going through as a nation is new to us, but it is not new to God or the world we live in.