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Truth For the Times


Truth For the Times,

The Sonshine     June – July 2021  by Walter Olsen


All of the Word of God is profitable for all times. There is no time when the truth of God is not profitable and pertinent. However, there are times when portions of God’s truth are especially pertinent to a given situation and time. When one faces death, there are portions of God’s Word that especially apply. All of us are now facing new and difficult times. We don’t know what an hour or day will bring and we ponder as how to face or respond to the challenges we are faced with. Often, we appeal to our own understanding which is often little more than our own opinions about a given matter. Of course, God has given to us common sense with which to make decisions, but under His direction and leading. Too often, though, we leave God out of our thoughts about how to face a given crisis.


The purpose of this article is to consider some things that should guide all of us as believers as we seek to cope with the challenges before us. We don’t have to try to get through the future on our own!


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When In the Wilderness

The Sonshine
May 2021
by Walter Olsen


When I think of the wilderness, I think of the time when I was about four years old picking raspberries with my mother in a wooded area I was not familiar with. Somehow, I got separated from her and was lost in the maze of trees and brush. It was a fearful experience! I didn’t know where I was nor did I know how to get out to find my way home. All I could do was to call for my mother. Thankfully, she was not far away and found me easily. I was greatly relieved. The woods we were in was not that far away from home nor was it all that big, but to me, at that age, it was awesome.

In our Christian lives, do we not sometimes get lost in the confusion and bustle of the world about us? It is easy to become spiritually disoriented and so lose our way. The result is, we become fearful and sometimes make some serious mistakes. We need a Shepherd in our Christian lives, and, thankfully, we have One!

The nation of Israel had a Shepherd who led them faithfully and safely through the wilderness. In the great Psalm of giving thanks to the Lord, the Psalmist gave thanks, “To Him which led His people through the wilderness” (Psa. 136:16). When we are lost in the wilderness, there is nothing more important than one who can lead us and show us the way out.