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A Plea For Forgiveness

The Sonshine

By Walter Olsen


A Plea For Forgiveness      September 2021


The title, A Plea For Forgiveness, is taken from the heading of Psalm 51 in the King James Bible. I use it here because it adequately summarizes the truth of the chapter. Further, it speaks of the great need of humanity today.


Psalm 51 is King David’s plea to God after the acknowledgment of his  sin with Bathsheba. His sin brought shame and a sense of separation from God. Thankfully, he was able to reestablish his fellowship and walk with God.   This truth is so much needed today in the lives of all believers as we become convicted of our sins and see them for what they really are in the sight of God.


The purpose of this article is to walk through Psalm 51:1-7 and make some needed applications to our own lives including the following: