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Preparation for the Future

Preparation for the Future by Walter Olsen

The Sonshine

January 2022

Preparation for the Future


We prepare for many things in life. In many ways, we are what we are today because of previous preparations we have made. Of course, some fail to prepare much and so mostly stumble along the way. We prosper or fail to prosper because of the preparations we make or fail to make. This is true in every area of life.

In this paper, I would like to discuss some of the more significant spiritual preparations we either make or simply refuse to make. These are not decisions one makes without serious and eternal consequences.

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Christmas Is:

The Sonshine,  December 2021   by  Walter Olsen

Christmas Is:


Who doesn’t enjoy Christmas, especially as we think back to the days of our childhood. We anticipated it for many days, even months maybe. Of course, in many ways, we did not very well understand the real meaning of Christmas. We thought more about family, food, and presents! Certainly these things create many memorable memories. We can be thankful for them.


As we get older, however, we think more of the special meaning of Christmas. This is especially true if one has grown up in a Bible believing church where the truth of the Bible is taught. This article is a reminder of some of the very important things we should remember about Christmas, the birth of our Savior.


The birth of Jesus is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. What God says about the future is sure to come to pass. There is never any deviation  from what God has decreed to be. God’s Word, the Bible, is an expression of truth that can be counted on for total accuracy and fulfillment. That’s why His Word is a great comfort regarding our future.